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Welcome to the Earth System Atlas

The Earth System Atlas is a Data Publication, Visualization and Analysis Portal under development in the Environmental Initiative at Lehigh University in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Bristol, the Complex Systems Research Center at the University Of New Hampshire, and at the e-Science Centre at the University of Reading.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Earth System Atlas is to acquire, peer-review and publish data from the entire spectrum of Earth System research, to standardize metadata information as far as possible, and to offer statistical and visualization tools that will allow these data to be combined and manipulated in meaningful ways.

We are actively seeking new data sets for the Earth System Atlas. If you wish to submit a data set for review, publication and display, please e-mail or call 610-758-3675 for metadata forms. Once these forms have been completed, you will be provided with an ftp address, username and password for uploading your data. We can accept data in GDAL-compatible (approximately 60) formats (visit the GDAL website for more information).